Monday, 26 February 2018

Personal update(s)

Long time since last post. More than one year has passed and I already started and finished working for Sandvik. When it comes to the relationship Marie and I was simply not right for each other and after enjoying being single for some time I fell for the woman of/in my life; Louise Balkén! (She is simply WOW!!) We live happy together, in a rental apartment, both our hometown Falun. As of 1st of March we both(!) work for Landstinget Dalarna, she as a "Facilities Strategist" and me as a "Process Owner Logistics". Let's make Landstinget Dalarna great again ;)

Officially Louise and I moved together the 1st of December, but I lived in Louise small apartment in Falun already far earlier that this autumn (2017) and enjoyed every second. We are really a good match (and "team"!) and even if we are not afraid of conflicts we do not seem to fight over anything at all. Let's find out if this is good or bad... ;-) When it comes to sport I'm still doing a lot of them, but for 2018 I decided to preliminary focus on road cycling. Both Louise and I invested in new road bikes and we are both performing very well on Zwift.

New Canyon bikes in October 2017 and we directly took the chance to ride these - awesome!
Last year I completed an Ironman, but also the first ever Swimrun Orienteering race, called LostWater Race, (held in Stockholm) and the biggest happening of 2017 a charity race called "Klassikern X-treme" together with 12 other enthusiastic and passionate athletes. Link to our fundraising page at Cancerfonden here, an article about it here and a short impression video here.

The participants and supporting crew members from this epic challenge and event. All 13 participants managed sub24 hours! Louise (under the 200000 SEK check) was our great Social Media Manager!
The year 2016 was okay, but 2017 was fantastic. Going from tiered of work and Switzerland, and then also realizing I jumped in to a wrong relationship, I solved it all well taking a year at Sandvik, living in Gävle. The role as Project Manager for Logistics and my apartment there was just awesome, but my heart for Falun is beating hard all the time. Getting together with Louise and spending a fantastic vacation time (road trip) to Norway made it all clear: Time for a new chapter in life - again!

My homepage is a bit updated. Not sure I will update the content soon though...

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