Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Need a better headlamp?

Did you know that I love night orienteering? Maybe you do, but what you maybe did not know is that I also sell headlamps as a little side business.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Time to Grow as a Person

My permanent move to Switzerland is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Time to level up. I've been studying on universities for a long time now. Indeed, I'm happy for every year that passed so far, but now it's time to grow up as a person. Soon, I will have my first real job.

Searching and Applying for Jobs
I'm so happy for the support in the job-search-process that I received from both future business contacts (Hans-Ulrich from Sandvik in Germany, Jenny at Volvo and not at least Mattias at Starke Arvid) giving me their warmest recommendations, but also to my family, and then not at least my sister Eva and my finance Rachel, supporting me actively. Eva prompted the importance of understanding "what I really would like to do", and not just applying for a lot of different jobs randomly. Rachel been supporting and accepting my somewhat weird job-application behavior and living here in Basel the last weeks. Focusing 99% on the application processes. Nervous and confused like hell one day and acting like god the day after, thinking life is sweet right now.

I Just Graduated
During the first days here in Switzerland (since I arrived on the 22'nd of August) I had the chance to experience Basel with my parents (thanks again for the logistic service down here to Basel with your car!) and thereafter pretty much alone and with my colleagues at the "intensive German course" that I participated in. A great start, warm weather and most of all. It gave me the 2 last needed credits for my 300 credit points large (5-year) education at Chalmers University of Technology. A bit later, on the 2'd of October, I got the news over mail from Chalmers examination department that I passed the requirements for receiving my Diploma as a fresh civil engineer. I just got it per Mail and damn it looks good!

 My Diploma for my Master of Science in Engineering

Future Living in Sissach, Baselland, Switzerland
During the first month here I have both tried to swim in the constantly moving Rhein, climb some really high hill in the Alps and done some orienteering in, for me, really new types of terrains. The Alps is of course a hit. Everything is really in 3D over there (as I live in Basel I have approx. 1½ hour to the Alps with car or train. Feels perfect for the future weekends. Stability is slowly approaching. On the 1'st of December Rachel and I will move to Sissach. After realizing the benefits of its position and getting confirmation from Anina Hirzel and Anders Holmberg, that our future landlord is a great type, we where very happy when we in middle September got the news that we also can move in an apartment 20 meters from Anina and Anders.

Get a Job
Higest priority now is of course to get a SCM-related job. I'm got high ambitions and I'm through to the second round of interviews at one place. This time is so interesting! I do not know where I will work, but I will for sure do it good. Stay tuned.

In English, please.

Yes, as I now moved to Switzerland, my blog will, from now on, be written in English.

In addition, it will be directly linked from my ney webportal: