Sunday, 25 January 2015

Australia (Tasmania, Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne) & Dubai

I just had to go to on a long trip and take out two vacation weeks from 2014 and topped up with an extra week from 2015. I did some orienteering races (World Cup) until the 10th (the first and only orientering participation for 2015?) and a lot of touristing after that - and wow what a nice trip it turned out to be...

I flew with Emirates over Dubai to Melbourne. Back and forth costed it roughly 1900€, but it is so worth it as it is the fastest and most satisfying trip I can imagine. First destination was 1) Tasmania, 2) Sydney, 3) Canberra, 4) Merimbula, 5) Melbourne and last but lost least 6) Dubai. Here you find a short pptx-presentation with photos and reflections:

Top 10 photos below and you find more photos here. Maps with gps routes will be uploaded here in short.

First summer sun in 2015 - on a orienteering competition area on Tasmania
I went on an unforgetteble road trip with these crazy O-guys! (Filip, Jerker & Mårten)
Sydney from above the Sky tower. The heat was on (33 degrees C)
My good old frend Seb (and his Beth) delivering good stuff from the bbq down in Merimbula
Watching a cricket game and enjoying it so much was something that surprised me!
Watching Roger Federer winning the 2nd round during Australian Open in Melbourne
Dubai is one big expansion place..something you could do with a lot of money...
We went up in Top Sky in Burj Kalifa (148th floor, 555 m.a.s.l.) - amazing.
The other skyscrapes down there look so small!
Last day/evening in Dubai, enjoyed some photoshooting in the sunset.