Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Relationship update

Rachel and I have separated after 7 years together
Our different interest focus the last months (years) and shrinking love feelings forced us to take action and reposition our relationship to just be friends. Though it is tough to take this decision it was needed. I'm happy to say that we are both managing this process in a good and respectful way to each other. Rachel will with my fully support move to a nice room in "Gündeli", Basel, and I will stay at Römerweg, in Sissach.

How could this happen?
Love disappeared over time and I do not want to have a too tight relation with someone I do not feel true love to. If you ever find yourself asking this question, or asking “…am I in love?”, then I do not think you are, but it isn't all gone.  It can't be.  It just means I’ve grown a bit and realize that what you thought was really true love wasn't.  When it is true love, you or I most probably know - I don't think, or wonder, or ask my friends what they think.  It's an epiphany that I'll never doubt.  If things go up, go down, shatter to a thousand pieces, build to a crushing pressure where I know something has to give, and I still never wonder about this, then it is true love.  Everything else is just; comfort (attachment), shared experiences/goals/future and good sex - or some mix of the three. Or to be realistic...isn't love just a damn result of fitting really good together and the "magnetism" towards eachother that occurs from that? Anyhow, I really like and admire Rachel so much and wish her all the best right now.

Support from friends and family
Thank you all for your support to us both now and in the future. If any questions to this, or you wish to show your support, please just contact any of us.