Monday, 22 August 2016

Back in Sweden

This year I left Switzerland and moved back to Sweden. For more than a year it was no words on my blog here, but for those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram you can at least see that I've been alive and doing a lot of things as usual. I will not give a full recap, but here is at least a summary:

After Val d´Isere (spring 2015) there was a lot of running on the schedule and I smashed in on new PB in both half marathon (1:19) and the full distance (2:53). Apart from all the training preparing for the Ironman in Copenhagen I dated (and spent time with) women like crazy. I guess I had a need for it and were in one of those phases... One of the highlights was to spend several summer days in a small apartment in Silvaplana, Engadin, thinking "this must be paradise".

Autumns´ highlight was the KMD Copenhagen Ironman. I aimed for sub 10, but a (multiple) flat on the front wheel (on my TT bike) slowed me down a bit too much for reaching that goal. Ended up on 10:29 which still is my new PB and something to be proud of.

Winter came and with that I started to feel a stronger wish for letting go of work and starting a new chapter in life. I saw it as the right moment to take up my roots and let the wind of change blow on the ocean of destiny. Already in November I spontaneously invested in great ski equipment for both on an off the slope. I had a lot of time to think a bit more relaxed as I spent a lot of time on skies both in the Alps and in Sweden. During the time in Sweden over new year I met my new girlfriend Marie. I fell in love immediately. I dated Marie for the months to follow and it all felt the way it should. My last vacation in February was spent with Jesper Hassel, Emelie Gustafsson and Björn Svernhage on Hokkaido and in Tokyo (both in Japan). With that done, I felt ready with Switzerland, resigned from work and apartment. I looked forward to a long summer vacation. Indeed I've had a long time off now (I still have), but it has not only felt like spare time. Moving out from Switzerland in April and all the administration that comes with that took a lot of time and energy. In addition I felt low on energy, forcing me to slow down and taking it very easy now for some months.

I still feel Switzerland in me. I´m happy Marie and I could visit Silvaplana with all its beautiful surroundings in July this summer. However, the summer time in Sweden has been amazing. I've done some sport for sure and I had the pleasure to try out both swimrun and horse riding. However, I still feel the most for triathlon at the moment so soon I will set up a new goal and plan for improving in that.