Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter in Val d'Isère

OK, time to blog about a travel experience again(!) - sorry if making you jealous. I had my last wave/dose of winter for this crazy season of mine placed in Val d'Isère, France. I joined my old good Chalmers friends Jesper and Axel (and his Charlotte) from Gothenburg, Sweden, for this trip. In Val d'Isère we met up with Björn, Emelie and other nice Swedish people. I rented really good ("Premium") skies and went "all-in" for an energetic & unforgettable ski vacation.

For doing "offpist" for the third time in my life I'm actually really impressed about how damn talented I am. Still, I start to wonder why I missed out on this fun activity all my years as youth and adult. Stuck in old habits and patterns I guess. Anyhow, we had 4,5 fantastic days consisting of some training, a lot of skiing, after ski, really good dinners/food, party and less sleep.

Here are ten favorite photos for me to remember from and for you other to get inspired by (for 146 more photos click here)

A nice 3D map in our apartment -Here, in Val d'Isère, we are right now!

Without Jesper I would not enjoy this trip at all. He is so fun to hang around with!

The first after ski had a relatively fancy level.

Here I got the weekly need of meat #stek

Emelie shows the way to do offpist so sexy! Halleluja moment(?)!

COCORICO - The after ski place #1 in Val d'Isère

A good (or bad?) thing with having beard and doing offpist skiing in a lot of new snow ;-)

Offpist area (like a virgin).

Sweet XXL hamburger at fancy restaurant up in the slopes.

After 4,5 days of fantastic skiing and social things Jesper & I took it piano some minutes...
Stay tuned for youtube video (coming up soon) from the fantastic offpist and normal skiing. Next season we already decided to go to Japan Jan/Feb. Looking forward... :-)