Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lanzarote (Ironman training camp)

Coming back to Club La Santa was a dream comes true. I was here in 2006 (I think it was that year at least...time flies). This time I went here with my IKEA Supply AG colleague Jens Nielsen and we are both training for an Ironman (the one in Copenhagen - 24rd of August this year) so what would be better than participating at a perfectly arranged "long distance triathlon camp" at this time of the year to kick start the triathlon training season.

Club La Santa! I love it here and then of course when it comes to (hard) training. For relaxation and/or romantic holiday there are other places on the canary island that I recommend (this still in fresh mind). I saved all the gps data from my trainings on Strava so you can find the sessions an see my performance during the week here if you check between 25th of February and 4th of March. To summarize it was close to 30 hours of triathlon training (swim, road biking and/or running) during these 6 days on the island, meaning almost 5 hours a day - and it went perfectly fine! Great living in a suite, healthy food and great mix of trainings (3 times a day and only 2 times on the "resting day").

After the training camp we came home in a really good shape, energetic and super fit. I'm really impressed about how well Jens managed to push all the way through the training camp in a professional way - starting with doing this level of sport first in last year - it is truly impressive.

Here are some top 10 photos (for more photos click here) and again I prefer to let the photos talk (it is optional to watch the photos with this Club La Santa song in the background):

The biking paradise island: Lanzarote!

Listening to good music. It's during the relaxation parts that one gets better...

OK, this is me on a Argon 18 E116 with Ultegra Di2. I want this bike.

Jens is so happy to soon be crawling in the lagoon!

-You need to be good and stupid to take a selfie while riding, coach Ain said.

Nice landscape and weather for bike riding. Living the dream!

Club La Santa pool area by night (evening). Took a short walk after dinner...

How do we get enough energy for all training? Enervit!

The weather for the last part of the week...
Super nice weather also the last day riding... Wine areas on the sides.